If I'm getting to know all about you, you deserve to know a little about me, right?

I grew up not having a clue what I wanted to do with my life (other than when I was little and I thought my career would be a Nebraska Volleyball player). I went to college and got a business degree because it was broad and I could get a range of jobs. I worked 4 different business jobs over the course of about 5 years and I strongly disliked all of them. I wasn't excited to go to work, I didn't feel proud of what I was doing, I felt trapped behind a desk.

I decided to pick up a camera and took my sister's family pictures and I fell in love. I was SO PROUD to show the world the pictures I just took as a beginner. I loved directing them, making them laugh, bringing out their personalities. There is nothing I treasure more than capturing who people REALLY are. I worked my business job and my photography job until it became too much on my plate and then my husband and I made the decision to take on my photography business full time and I haven't looked back. This job has brought me so much joy and so much growth as a person and a business owner.

I am thankful to have been given this gift and hope I can use it to bring joy into as many peoples lives as possible! If you are here visiting this page, I hope you and I can work together!

My “Why”

I have went to several photography workshops over the years and one question that almost always came up was, "What is your Why". For a long time I just thought it was one of those cheesy business questions until one day I decided to sit down when I was home alone and really think about why I do what I do.

Maybe I shouldn't be as transparent as I am about to be, but I want you to know about how my journey got me where I am today.

Starting off with photography, "My Why" was about finding a new talent, a new hobby, about being proud of all of the pictures I took. I was excited to share them with families. I couldn't wait until my pictures were hung up in peoples homes! It brought me such joy to know that I could do this!

As time went on and I really dove in, "My Why" shifted a little bit. I realized if I was being honest it was way more about praise and recognition than it was about the pictures. The likes and comments I got on facebook and instagram are what I used to determine my value as a photographer. I would get anxiety waiting to see how a picture rated with my followers. Only 12 likes, oh this must be a horrible picture! I was consumed by comparison, getting better, and it became less about the people and more about me.

Fast forward to this year and boy has there been another shift. God has open my eyes that this is a gift that he gave me. I am here to serve people, love on people, and a way I can do that is through my business. I want to capture who people really are - not what facebook or instagram says is popular. I want to capture emotion - the infatuation of a newly engaged couple, the deep love of a husband and wife on their wedding day, the tears of a 2 year old when he scraped his knee. I want to help bring out the confidence of a senior girl who maybe doesn't feel like she is beautiful. I want to help you remember the curls your daughter had when she was 3 and the awkward smile phase your 5 year old went through until you tickled him and made him laugh! THESE are the things that matter to me now. Also my family who stands behind me every step of the way - even when I have to be gone weekend after weekend. My friends who encourage me, hire me to put their memories on the wall, and pray for me while I'm on the journey. And YOU as my client. "My Why" has so much more meaning now and I can't wait for you to be a part of it!


Photographer, Mommy, Wife, Believer


All things outdoorsy - Hunter, Fisherman, Fixer, Daddy


Rambunctious 2 year old who has stolen our hearts (and sometimes our sanity.)


Our sweet, laid back baby that expanded our family and our love! 

01. Sushi

give me all the sushi! I could seriously eat it multiple times a week!

02. Girl Time

There is no better hour (or more) wasted than sitting with a friend chatting about everything under the sun.

03. Dr. Pepper

I know, I know, its bad for me and I've cut back A LOT but I still like to indulge now and then.

04. Pedicures

I didn't have my first pedicure until probably after college and now I love them. I dont get them regularly but they are such a treat when I do!

05. REading

If you would have asked me in high school if reading would ever be a hobby, I would say NO WAY. I do love it though - give me a book that will help me better myself and grow my faith and I'm all in!