Branding Sessions and Why They are Crucial for Your Business // The Tin Cactus Boutique in Ogallala Nebraska

What is a branding session and why do you need one for your business?! It is a session that takes place in your business space capturing the environment, products, and most of all it presents you as a business owner to your followers. You need clean, consistent photos for your brand. Visual data (photos) are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. Photos perform the best for likes, comments, and shares. 60% of the most successful businesses have a cohesive, consistent feed that their followers are drawn too. Social media is a driving force for almost all businesses, but are we utilizing it the best way we can? Millennials alone spend more than 6 hours a week on social media. 1 BILLION people have Instagram accounts and 500 million are active daily users. 70% of users will search for a business on Instagram or facebook. These are our clients and customers! You need attractive and professional content to present to them.

Lets get together in your business environment and highlight you and what you do and sell! Your brand will look sharp and cohesive and draw people towards your business both online and in person. Research has shown that followers want to get to know the owner and put a face to the business, but often times the owner has one, if any, photos of themself to post to their audience. Let’s change that! You will have a gallery of edited, professional photos ready to go for social media at all times. I’ve worked with photographers, coffee shops, nutrition and fitness instructors, and boutiques. I can’t wait to work with you and get you set up for all your social media needs!

Check out our Branding Session with Cassie at The Tin Cactus below and get to know a little about her and her business. Then go find her and follow her on Instagram & Facebook.

Tell me how The Tin Cactus got started and your ‘WHY’ behind it all.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in fashion merchandising and business administration so I knew the fashion industry was for me, I just hadn’t quite discovered where I would fit in yet.  After hundreds of hours of research and planning, I decided to take a HUGE risk and leave my full time job to open this little clothing boutique in a town of 4,000 people that might just be a big ole flop.  But I had to find out.  I wanted women in Ogallala and nearby towns to have fashion-forward clothing at their fingertips, rather than having to drive to Lincoln or to Denver.  I want them to come into my store or reach out to me and be treated like one of my best gal pals, not just a stranger.  Ultimately, I want them to experience the meaning behind retail therapy; a relaxed, fun atmosphere, some girl talk, and an outfit that has you looking & feeling like Megan Fox getting off that motorcycle in the opening scene of Transformers.

Now, with the power of social media and an online presence, I get to do this all over the COUNTRY and it just blows me away.  This little clothing boutique has exceeded my wildest dreams. Most importantly; these relationships I’ve built with my customers and their trust in me to style them pretty are the driving forces behind The Tin Cactus.

Talk to me about your style choices in your store 

I would definitely describe my style choices for The Tin Cactus as eclectic. While there’s not an exact rhyme or reason why I choose one style over the other, I can tell you what influences my style!  I love western fashion.  I love how loud, diverse, and exciting it is.  I also understand that most western fashion looks are not those that you would wear to work tomorrow.  I try to incorporate these styles and trends into outfits that you can wear every day, without losing the fun and unique elements.  I also love bohemian fashion because it adds the feminine facet and makes women feel pretty, not just edgy.  There’s also price point – something I strive to provide women of all budgets; large or small.  There are a lot of factors that I consider, but mostly I choose things that I would buy for myself as a consumer while also listening to the feedback from my customers!

Tin Cactus Owner – Cassie Speck
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