Statement Boutique in Norfolk, Nebraska // Business Branding Session

How was Statement Boutique born?

It kind of happened by accident. I told my husband as a joke, want to a boutique? He said, actually I think that’s something you would be really good at. The rest is kind of history. We worked with Marie, the owner and creator of Three Eighteen for months, during the sale and afterward. After purchasing the boutique, we spent 6 weeks completely gutting our current location. I wanted to create a space that people felt like they were in a city. Being from Omaha, I modeled the store after the Old Market. I love stepping into a space where you feel like you could be anywhere, in any city and I wanted to create that for Norfolk. On May 21st we opened our doors and haven’t looked back since. 

What is your ‘why’ behind it all?

I came from a family of retail. My dad owned a chain of pharmacies and Hallmark stores in Omaha. I grew up around retail. We also traveled a lot while I was growing up. My mom owned a travel agency and we were always traveling to new locations. Entrepreneurship is in my Blood. When the opportunity to purchase Three Eighteen fell into my lap, I knew I had to run with it. Three Eighteen definitely paved the way and built a business with a strong following. I wanted to keep what Marie has built but expand on what I noticed was missing in the Norfolk market. I wanted to bring city styles to our local market. My style is edgy mixed with classic.

I choose my styles based on trends, what the consumer is asking for and asking myself would I wear this. If I wouldn’t wear it, I don’t bring it in my store because I can’t sell something I don’t believe in.

Share your BIG NEWS!

With an amazing year in Norfolk, we are so excited to announce our second location in Yankton!! The Yankton opportunity presented itself much like the Purchase of Three Eighteen. We drove to yankton to see Gavin’s Point. Due to flooding, the entrance to the Dam was closed. I told my husband to drive downtown and let’s just look at their vibe. Maybe in the far future that would be something to consider. He agreed saying at one point we needed to stop so he could move our son’s car seat. After driving around, we found the perfect building. While he moved the car seat around, I made the phone call inquiring about the space and before I knew it we were planning store 2 and could not be more excited.

Go follow them on instagram @statementboutique and for shopping on their website:

Do I need a Branding Session for my business?

A branding session is a session that takes place in your business space capturing the environment, products, and most of all it presents you as a business owner to your followers. You need clean, consistent photos for your brand. Visual data (photos) are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. Photos perform the best for likes, comments, and shares. 60% of the most successful businesses have a cohesive, consistent feed that their followers are drawn too. Social media is a driving force for almost all businesses, but are we utilizing it the best way we can? Millennials alone spend more than 6 hours a week on social media. 1 BILLION people have Instagram accounts and 500 million are active daily users. 70% of users will search for a business on Instagram or facebook. These are our clients and customers! You need attractive and professional content to present to them. Let’s get some photos for your business too!

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