Winter Survival with Toddlers: Top 5 must-have toys & activities.

Anyone who is a stay at home mom living in a state that has winters knows the torture hardship that comes with being locked indoors with toddlers for what feels like months at a time. You can’t go on walks, play outside, or go to the park. You’re left with desperately searching for ways to keep your toddlers busy and entertained so you all stay sane. Here are my top toys and activities for winter survival.

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Climb and Crawl Foam Play Set

These foam blocks legit get played with in our house EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Our kids climb on them, build with them, make obstacle courses, and even smash a foam tower wearing a dinosaur costume. They are a great way to use energy while stuck inside.
Link for foam blocks here.

Indoor Trampoline

Speaking of using up energy – this trampoline is our go-to for when they are wound up tight and bouncing off the walls! Its small enough to fit indoors, it has a net for safety, and the kids absolutely love it. Sometimes we put the balls from their ball pit in there to spice up the fun!
Link for indoor trampoline here.


These Magna-Tiles are good for so many ages! We first heard about them through our daycare who said almost all of her age groups loved them. Then I found out all of my nieces and nephews had them and loved them as well. So, we bought them for the boys for Christmas. I even enjoy putting them together!
Link for tiles here. And here is a bigger box of them.

Dinosaur Toys

Anyone who knows my son knows I had to include something dinosaur related. He is dinosaur OBSESSED. These are the other toys that get played with every single day. If your child isn’t a dinosaur fan, I have some farm animals coming up next that have been a hit for 2 years.
Link for dinosaurs here.

Jumbo Farm Animals

These animals have been played with nonstop since Abel was around 1 year old. They have been played with at home, in the car, outside, and at bath time and are still in great condition. They work well for teaching kids animals and animal noises. We have had our speech therapist and deaf educators all comment on how great they are.
Link to farm animals here. If they like jungle animals there is some here.

Duplo Blocks

This is a bonus because I thought of it as I was wrapping up. I always enjoy some activities/toys that take some time to build and we can do together. (And that don’t include smashing dinosaurs together with a loud roaring.)
Link to blocks here.

Hope these help you get through the rest of this forever long winter! I know they have been a lifesaver for us! Best part is they are all available through Amazon! Delivered right to your snowy doorstep!

Out in the Nebraska Tundra!

**Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to make a purchase using my link. Don’t worry I would never suggest something that wasn’t used on the reg in our home or business.

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